Prospect List Building

Prospect list building is the process of creating a list of potential customers or leads for a business. This list can be used for a variety of purposes, such as email marketing, direct mail campaigns, and sales outreach. GNaxis provides a range of B2B and B2C list building services, including custom list building, LinkedIn list building and email list building.

These services allow you to create customized prospect lists and email lists specifically for your business. Let us help you build targeted lists that will drive your marketing and sales efforts.

We build lists for you if you have:

A LinkedIn search with prospects and you need them captured with verified Business Email & Phone#

A list of companies, and you need matching Decision Makers / Executive’s names and contact information

A list of only Email Addresses, and you want complete contact information about their owners (reverse email lookup)

CRM contacts or contacts in Excel/CSV – You have only name and company, and you want business email, phone and LinkedIn ID

Old contacts or out-of-date leads, and you want them updated with the latest contact information

GNaxis B2B/B2C List Building Services suit you if:

  • You need prospects from live social media
  • You need leads that convert better
  • Your list vendor isn’t giving you targeted leads
  • You need leads that you can’t buy from anywhere
  • You don’t have enough time / staff to build the leads yourself
  • You want to try out a small market before diving in
  • You are a tech startup and want to get your sales pipeline moving fast
  • Your leads are part of an online group

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