Iqbal Hussain

CEO & Founder at GNaxis

We are delighted to introduce Mr. Iqbal, the visionary leader behind GNaxis, a dynamic outsourcing company founded in 2014. With a remarkable 10-year experience in the industry, Iqbal brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the outsourcing landscape to the table.

Mr. Iqbal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to GNaxis, backed by a solid educational background and valuable professional experience. Iqbal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology ( which has equipped them with a strong technical foundation to drive technological advancements within our organization.

Prior to founding GNaxis, Iqbal honed their skills and gained invaluable industry insights through five years of dedicated work in other outsourcing companies. Notably, Iqbal spent three years at Arcgate, where they developed a deep understanding of operational efficiency and client management. Following that, they contributed their expertise for two years at Fusion Outsourcing, further expanding their repertoire of skills in the outsourcing domain.

This rich background has provided Iqbal with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the industry, enabling them to steer GNaxis towards continuous growth and success. By leveraging their extensive experience, Iqbal is well-positioned to lead the company to new heights of excellence, ensuring that GNaxis remains at the forefront of the outsourcing industry.

We are proud to have Mr. Iqbal at the helm of GNaxis, as their exceptional leadership, combined with their academic achievements and previous work experience, make them a driving force in shaping the success of our organization.

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